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We are an experimentation of innovation.
CASA by Abeer Borhan is created to pinpoint the intersection between comfort, design, and art.
We are designed to be displayed with sophistication and refinement, while creating a livable space with ultimate personalization and eye for
comfort. Our projects and products are the creation of interior designer, Abeer
Borhan, whose native creativity and love for design quickly became her passion,
and today, her studies and profession.
For the bold and the simple, the eccentric and the graceful, the modern and the
We are for all of you, young ones and the young at heart.
We are here to represent your thoughts and display them in your home.
We are here to make your presence everlasting.
We are here to showcase your mind as masterpieces.

Interior | Furniture | Accessories

Casa by Abeer Borhan

Where Comfort Meets Art


Integrate creativity with luxury to create a comfortable, everlasting personal
presence in spaces, and design fine products to match them.


Preserve the client’s presence in their spaces while envisioning, designing,
and implementing livable art, in addition to introducing traditional
craftsmanship in usable product design that match today’s taste, and
tomorrow’s ease.

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